Kabonero Mountain Coffee

Enhancing lives...

Achieving lasting social economic transformation, allowing our communities to prosper for generations.

Enhancing prosperity and creating pathways for meaningful impact on the community.

Selectively handpicked and Fairtrade Certified coffee with exceptional flavor and aroma

Transforming communities with focus on promoting basic education.

Welcome to Kabonero Mountain Coffee

Kabonero Mountainous Coffee (KAMCOS) Growers Co-operative Society was established in 2013 with support from TJX-Europe to empower parents in this community increase their income and invest in basic education for all the children. KAMCOS is registered with the registrar of co-operatives in Uganda Reg. No. P.7756/RCS, Fairtrade certified FLO ID 33483 located in the mysterious Mountains of the moon, Bunyangabu District in Rwenzori Region of western Ugand

Our Impact

Women In Coffee

Youth Empowerment


Savings and Credit

Our Partners

(National Union of Coffee Agribusiness and Farm Enterprises) offers capacity building and market linkage to the Cooperative.

(Rwenzori Sustainable Trade Centre) provides trading finance to the Cooperative and market linkage.


(International Trade Centre) offers training on efficient use of energy, water and recycling.


(Fairtrade Africa) supports Fairtrade training and builds cooperative capacity to maintain Fairtrade certification.

Provides expert advice and training to cooperatives and farmer organizations in emerging economies